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Posted on: May 27, 2015

Five lion cubs born at Lee Richardson Zoo

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Five lion cubs born at Lee Richardson Zoo

Lee Richardson Zoo is happy to announce the births of five African lion cubs. They were born on Sunday, May 17, to Amali and Razi. To allow the mother a chance to adjust to her new family, she is being given complete privacy in her den, with a keeper entering the building only to provide essential care. The cubs have been observed nursing, and the mother is being very protective and tending well to the cubs. This is Amali and Razi’s second litter.

Both litters were based on breeding recommendations for the adult pair from the Lion Species Survival Plan (SSP) of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). SSP is a cooperative management programs which makes recommendations that benefit the long-term health and genetic diversity of the species population.

The gestation period of lions ranges from 100 – 119 days, with this litter of cubs born at 109 days. Litters range from one to seven cubs, and average two or three, with the newborns usually weighing a little over two pounds. Amali and her cubs will stay in the den until the cubs have had their first set of vaccinations and are old enough to venture outside safely.

Amali was born at Lee Richardson Zoo on August 24, 2005. Born at the Denver Zoo, Razi arrived in Garden City in December 2007 at 16 months old. He is showing interest in the new arrivals but will remain separated until the cubs are older. Razi will be in the outdoor habitat daily, weather permitting.

African lions have lost much of their habitat in Africa due to human development and now exist mainly in wildlife preserves. Remaining populations are isolated from each other and are in danger of becoming inbred, which leads to further decline. Some populations have been decimated by canine distemper spread by domestic dogs.

Please visit the zoo’s website ( or Facebook page to see video of the cubs. Starting May 28, cub footage along with other zoo material will be showing on Channel 8 periodically during the day.

You can also view video on the Lee Richardson Zoo YouTube channel.

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