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Itinerant Merchant License
Itinerant Merchant / Transient Vendor
If you are an itinerant merchant (also known as a transient vendor), you are required to obtain an Itinerant Merchant License from the Service and Finance Department in order to lawfully operate your business. View the city's code defining an Itinerant Merchant License to verify if you and your business fall under this requirement. An Itinerant Merchant License can be obtained at the Service and Finance help desk located in the City Administrative Center at 301 North 8th Street.


To acquire an Itinerant Merchant License you must supply the City Clerk's Office with a Kansas State Sales Tax Certificate and a letter of approval from the property owner (giving you permission to perform business on their property). You must also complete either a Local Itinerant Merchant License Application or a Non Local Itinerant Merchant License Application and pay the required fees.

Non Local Itinerant Merchant
$300/day or $900/month
Local Itinerant Merchant
$365 per calendar year

Additional Information
For further information, please contact the Service and Finance Department at 620-276-1100.

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