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Auto Connect Program for Landlords

Please click on the following link to learn how to add your properties to auto-connect program.  Auto Connect Application

 Report a Violation
Currently, any tenant that feels they are living in a rental unit which does not meet the adopted minimum housing code must first read carefully the signed rental agreement they should have a copy of. They must then contact their landlord in writing. If the landlord does not resolve the problem within 15 days, the tenant may contact the Inspection Department at 620-276-1120 to schedule an inspection of the unit. The landlord will also be contacted to have the option of being present during the inspection. Garden City has adopted, and is currently enforcing the 1997, Uniform Housing Code. For those wishing to file a complaint, please visit E-Gov.
For information that will help resolve any questions which you may have as a tenant or a landlord of a rental property view the following:

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