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Tree Maintenance Loan Program
Interest Free Loan

In support of keeping the “GARDEN” in Garden City, the City’s Parks and Tree Board offers an interest-free loan program to assist homeowners in the removal of dead trees, stumps, and pruning of healthy trees. Loans up to $1000 are available with maximum loan terms of one year. Tree Maintenance Loan Program funds are eligible for use on residential properties in Garden City only. Funds are limited.

Application Requirements

Loan funds will be approved only for the costs associated with labor of dead tree removal, stumps, and pruning of trees completed by an Arborist licensed by the City of Garden City. For more information and for a current list of licensed Arborists, contact Andy Liebelt, Superintendent of Public Grounds, at (620) 271-1574. In addition to the application form, the loan application includes:
  • Proof of home ownership (copy of tax statement, homeowner's insurance, etc.)
  • Properly signed and witnessed installment note.
  • 10% down payment.
After reviewing and approving the application, the City will solicit bids from licensed Arborists to complete the work scheduled. The City will inspect the work when completed.

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