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Storm Water Phase II
Storm Water Phase II contains six minimum measures that small communities must implement to be in compliance with the program. The six minimum measures of an NPDES Phase II Program are:
  • Construction Site Runoff Control: Preventing runoff on sites over one acre (screens, hay bales, routine sweeping)
  • Illicit Discharge Detection: Recording, mapping, and monitoring storm sewers
  • Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping: Taking preventive measures to reduce runoff (coating concrete, routine sweeping)
  • Post-Construction Site Management: Keeping new housing developments clean (rolling lawns, routine sweeping)
  • Public Education: Teaching that most storm drains lead to rivers and lakes, not to sewers
  • Public Involvement: Doing your part as a community member and business owner

Additional Information
Residents desiring more information on Storm Water Phase II should contact Public Works at 620-276-1260.

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